Rox Brown

Name: Rox Brown

Born & Raised: Born in Jamaica raised in the Bronx/Westchester

Current Residence: New York

What’s your astrological sign and is what they say true?:
I’m a Sag! Usually when I tell people that, they say “oh, so you’re chill, but not to be fucked with”. I’d say that’s true. You def don’t wanna cross a sag.

Explain your featured look:
My featured look is a lot like my everyday look. Sexy tomboy.

What are you known for/as?:
I’m known for my style, being a stylist, and various celebrity projects/clientele.

You were behind the iconic album art for Young Thug’s No, My Name Is Jeffery. How did this come about and how was the overall experience?:
Young Thug is a genius. He has a vision that a lot of people don’t understand, but if you can get a glimpse of it, you’re like “wow, this dude is smart”. He was great to work with because we both wanted to stir up some talk. We are both fearless when it comes to fashion, so it was the perfect storm.

You’ve also curated exclusive pop-ups and performances for Justin Bieber, Lil Yachty, Rae Sremmurd, and many more. Tell us about that:
I started doing small events with local artists to test the waters and then it took off. I didn’t think I was capable of shutting down a street inSoHo, and I didn’t think such big artist would recognize what I was trying to do. They were all amazing to work with.

Aside from being a style guru, you also host events. What’s your favorite event that you’ve curated?
The event I did with Yachty was the most special because he used to come around a lot before he started his music and it was great to see him rise to stardom. He’d always say “Rox, I wanna takeover”, and he did it. I feel like we made history. We shut down SoHo and brought out thousands of kids. Kevin Liles told me he’s never seen anything like it and that was big coming from someone who has seen so much.

Also, how is it working with Cardi B? Any hilarious experiences?
Cardi was literally a blast. I’d say “Hey, let’s try this on”, expecting for her to go into a bathroom. I’d turn around and she’d already be naked in the middle of my office.

Highlight career moment?
I’d say I have a few highlights every few months because I’m excited about everything I do. From working with Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, to events with Justin Bieber, Yachty, and Young Thug’s album cover. I don’t know which to say is the career defining moment, because they’re all amazing accomplishments for me.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 10 years?
No idea where I’ll be. I stopped setting goals for myself because I realized it’s limiting. I just pick a direction and go as far as I can because I can reach a goal and stop, or I can just keep going. In 10 years, we’ll have to see because idk.

What’s a rare fact about you or hidden talent?
I can sing. I’m no Beyonce, but I got a lil something.

What’s a song and/or lyric to describe your glow?
“Feeling It” by Jay-Z.

Photographer: Hannah Sider
MUA: Raisa Flowers
Hair: Kessia Randolph
Style Consultant: Jordan Page
Design: Robert Gallardo
Creative Director: SHABAZZ