Name: Odalys Pena

Born & Raised: Harlem, NY

Current Residence: Harlem, NY

What’s your astrological sign and is what they say true?
I’m a Libra, but honestly, I don’t really believe in what people or horoscopes say. I’ve met a bunch of Libras who are all really different.

Explain your featured look:
I’m wearing a very cool, oversized denim jacket, velvet leggings, and of course, my Lugz. Personally, I feel like in this shoot, I do reflect my personal style because I’m such a boy sometimes. I just love oversized clothing.

What are you known for/as?
I’m known for being the crazy wild child who lives my life truly having fun doing whatever I want to do. For instance, I started being known for modeling, then started doing all these things that led to me hosting, DJing, and also creative directing at FreshMilkLab.

You are one of the fresh faces of the millennial youth culture in New York City. While some of your peers simply want to be cool, you actually have a spark and drive. What makes you different?
I feel like I’m one of the only ones with a true motivation. Everything I do, I do for my father, who’s unfortunately in jail, but coming out soon, Basically, just being able to support my family.

One thing we’re impressed with is your ability to hold down a party with on mic hosting and DJing. While some jump on this as a trend, you’re actually really good at it — especially with the tunes. How did you get into this?
My one, true love always been music (even though I started modeling), so it’s really just natural for me to do.

What is your position with FreshMilkLab and how would you describe to someone unfamiliar?
I’m a creative director here at FreshMilkLab. I wouldn’t describe it as just a photo/video studio, but as a crazy movement soon to come.

Highlight career moment:
I would say modeling The Weeknd’s clothes and hosting a Cam’ron show where he brought out everyone from Harlem.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 10 years?:
I see myself on my own private island with pink sand and clear waters.

What’s a hidden talent or rare fact about you?:
I always wanted to be a guy [laughs].

What’s a song and/or lyric to describe your glow?:
Kid Cudi’s “Mr. Rager”. I feel like it describes my whole life and society in general. It explains how people will always try to knock you down, but you can’t let them.

Photographer: Hannah Sider
MUA: Raisa Flowers
Hair: Kessia Randolph
Style Consultant: Jordan Page
Design: Robert Gallardo
Creative Director: SHABAZZ