Name: K$ace

Born & Raised: Ossining, New York AKA some small town in Westchester

Current Residence: I’m still back and forth from my hood juuu huuurd

What’s your astrological sign and is what they say true?:
I’m a Leo and hell yeah I act like a Leo. Can’t you tell? I’m the greatest thing walking juuu huuurd? [Laughs] nah just kidding, but I’ve been told I act like a Leo, I’m a very dominant person.

Explain your featured look:
My look is very flashy; it shows that wherever I go, you will see me no matter what. Even when I’m not trying, I’m still shining.

What are you known for/as?:
Sometimes reckless, sometimes a rapper. Sometimes a model, sometimes just K$ace, the kid that does whatever he wants.

How did you get into making music?:
All my friends are rappers and I thought it would be funny to troll them by putting out a song. I honestly didn’t know it was going to sky rocket in views and people were actually going to dig my voice. Now, it’s something that I have a passion for. I love being on stage and influencing people to have a great time.

What’s your situation with Fools Gold? How did you get down with them?
They found me because Telli showed A-Trak my work and he loved it. Soon enough, I was contacted to release a song and a video with them. That lead me to being part of their NY and LA Day Off shows, along with their anniversary at Lust, which was crazy, too.

Aside from now being a music artist, you’ve always kind of been a cool kid in the millennial party scene in NYC. How did you get into this?
In like 2013, I sold Ken Rebel a Bape jacket. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but he commented on my IG pic and said he had cash and to meet him in SoHo. I was broke and needed money, so I Google mapped where he was and made my way down there with my homeboy. So, we get to SoHo and I linked with Ken. I kicked it with him for a bit and mad kids were running up to him on some fan shit and I was like “WTF is going on here?”. So, I asked him what he did, and he explained to me what the scene was and we kept in contact from that day.

I’ve always lurked around in the city figuring out what this “scene” was running down on little streetwear brands working with them and shit building relationships with folks that I’m still tight with to this day. Around my 18th birthday, I broke into a rooftop in Brooklyn, brought my own speakers, DJ, etc and threw my birthday party up there.
All I did was post the flyer and EVERYONE came out; it was fire. Then, I got pressed by Kyle Rhodes. We bonded over the fact that both our names are “Kyle” and we know how to throw a parties. Shortly after, I became apart of Glyn and Kyle’s parties. They both taught me so much over the past few years. Then, Kyle and I branched off and did our own thing. I’ll save those highlights for another time.

Highlight career moment:
I’m definitely proud to say I’ve done work with Nylon Magazine, worked with Teen Vogue three times, and ended up in print with my girlfriend, Diana. The most important collaboration I’ve done was a YouTube campaign where I ended up on billboards and other ad space in NY, MIA, LA and etc. When that campaign dropped, I felt like people started to take me more seriously and respect my grind. My face was everywhere; it didn’t matter if you hadn’t been a supporter, you had to respect that campaign. It definitely inspired me to go harder for sure. Also, since I’m a rapper with a reputation for reckless behavior, I want to shout out Teen Vogue for allowing my presence to be in their magazine. I hope to work with them again soon.

Where do you hope to see your self in the next 10 years?
Shiiit in 10 years, I wanna be sipping piña coladas on a beach somewhere, enjoying life. You know like at the end of the Fast and Furious movies when Brian cashed out on that Skyline and had the crib near the beach with his wife? Yeah, facts, something like that.

What’s a rare fact or talent about you?
Everyone knows I skateboard but nobody knows that my uncle is “Branson B”. He has a whole article in Forbes Magazine. For those who don’t know who he is, do your googles juuu huuurd.

What’s a song and lyric to describe your glow?
50 Cent’s “Life’s On the Line” or “Back Down”.
“I don’t gotta say I’ma boss, niggas can tell.”

Photographer: Hannah Sider
MUA: Raisa Flowers
Hair: Kessia Randolph
Style Consultant: Jordan Page
Design: Robert Gallardo
Creative Director: SHABAZZ