Kitty Cash

Name: Kitty Cash

Born & Raised: Brooklyn, NY

Current Residence: BK

What’s your astrological sign and is what they say true?:
Capricorn… I’m an over-achiever, I’m always working, and I’m stubborn… But I love to party, which I don’t think is one of the traits.

Explain your featured look.
I’m definitely a girly ass girl. I love dresses and showing some skin. I grabbed that oversized DKNY vintage jacket from Hannah.

You and Kilo Kish opened the door for the cutesy girl music act and DJ duo in fashion. How was it different a few years ago versus now?
To keep it so real with you, Kish and I just had each other’s back. This wasn’t a crazy strategic thought out “girl act.” It was new for her and sure as hell new for me, and we decided to be us and be there for each other. We didn’t try to be in fashion, we actually had our rehearsals at Rubber Tracks, which to me, was a space for true artists to work, collaborate, practice, and grow. Nothing was easy, forced, or calculated in that sense. That’s why the journey has been so beautiful. Now, I do see a lot of female duos (some that I know are strategic and try to give off a look), but it’s just not the same. When we started, we were they only duo in our scene like us, best friends being cute as fuck, fucking up, killing it, learning and growing.

Some would like to think that you got it easy in the “It Girl” fashion scene because you are a former G-Star publicist. Is this true? If not, how did you make you continue to rise in the scene? And if you learned anything from your post at the brand, how did it help you overall?:
That’s funny. All the greats make it look easy… don’t they? But seriously, I don’t consider myself a “fashion” DJ. I am fashionable and I love fashion, but I have DJ’d everything from Fader Fort to Boiler Room, to bars in Brooklyn, to New York Fashion Week. I’m a DJ.

But interestingly enough, it was quite the opposite. I got hired at my past job, where I started as a freelancer, and got promoted to Marketing and Communications Manager at G-Star for North America. That happened because my old boss felt that it would benefit the brand that I was a DJ and apart of this really cool underground niche scene. Most of my “big moments”… that led to my promotion were all through people that didn’t know I had a full-time job and only knew me as Kitty Cash. So basically, being Kitty Cash helped me keep my job and continuously show out. Majority of the time, people didn’t even know I was the same person and I would even have to DJ for them as a favor to makes shit go through for G-Star. It was actually kind of insane thinking about it.

My first “fashion” gig was at Opening Ceremony. I got referred…by someone who didn’t even know me at the time, but is one of my closest friends now (hi, Cherie). I dj’d that gig during my lunch break… I never made excuses and when I wanted to get something done I figured it out.
If I learned anything from G-Star, it was being true to who I was. I learned how to make some bomb ass decks. It helped me to understand what brands need and look for, and it gave me discipline. All things that help me now as an artist.

Now that you’ve completed your ‘Love the Free’ mixtape series, what’s next for you in the music realm?:
Original production. Stay tuned.

Highlight career moments:
I have so many moments that I’m so grateful for. I got to DJ for Missy Elliot and watch her dance to the tribute set I did for her. I opened for Dev Hynes in Central Park (thanks Shabazz!). I played for Solange at the Botanic Gardens, Beyoncé and Jay-Z danced to my set, and I went on a mini Asia tour alone. That was major and emotional for me. “Love The Free” also really took me to the next level.

Where do you hope to see your self in the next 10 years?
Glowed all the way up.

What’s a rare fact about you or a hidden talen? 
I took piano lessons and Chinese lessons as a child. I’m also next level at finding wigs and weaves [laughs]!

Photographer: Hannah Sider
MUA: Raisa Flowers
Hair: Kessia Randolph
Style Consultant: Jordan Page
Design: Robert Gallardo
Creative Director: SHABAZZ