Ashley Outrageous

Name: Ashley Outrageous

Born & Raised: Broward County, FL.

Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY.

What’s your astrological sign and is what they say true?
I’m a Gemini. If you just made a face reaction, you’re the type of people who bother me [laughs]. I don’t know much about the signs, but people get Geminis confused and anytime someone says they’re a Gemini, somebody makes a comment. It’s not two faced, it’s just that one moment I can be happy and the next I can be the complete opposite. Who knows though, when people who are into signs ask me what I am and I say a Gemini, they say I don’t come off as one. *shrugs*

Explain your featured look:
I like to be cozy whenever I can, but still have a girly side. For this shoot, I was styled in baggy overalls, a tight crop top, and a vintage jacket channeling early Aaliyah for Tommy Hilfiger. I didn’t want to take it off [laughs].

What are you known for/as?
I got my start with my self-titled blog where I shared my personal likes in music, exclusive interviews, and beyond. From there, I expanded to social media/digital marketing, producing shows/events, and [became the] host of a radio show.

You were one of the first bloggers to be apart of Music Twitter and the internet era back in the mid 00s. How did you get your start and what are some fine memories from back then? I got my start by simply starting a blogspot. I was always viewing blogs such as DCtoBC, NahRight and 2DopeBoyz, telling my friends to go look at this and that, till one day I was asked to just make my own so they could just go there. Rather than trying to go to all these different sites, I was telling them. I began to take it serious a year in and from there, things just shot to the moon!

One of my favorite memories was the days of putting together my mixtape series “The Playlist” via connections I made on Twitter and SXSW. When I launched my blog “professionally” on WordPress in February 2010, I dropped a mixtape with 22 exclusive tracks from artists who all had buzz on the blog sites. Other blogs I looked up to, such as 2DopeBoyz and NahRight, even picked it up and showed love. It was a lot of work and one of my first accomplishments I’m very proud of. Just think about it, 22 rappers.

Your blog positioned you as one of the original music influencers and personalities. How do you explain your success so early on?
I think it was really due to me being in an unsaturated market. Had I been in New York during those years, and not Miami, I probably wouldn’t have gotten this far. There were only a few blogs out of Miami, so when artists were in town, I did everything I could. I’d attend their show, interview them, whatever!

I was also very specific with how I wanted my content to look. I wanted quality and nothing rushed. Shoutout my good friends Jonny Walker and Mandon Lovett for being my original video team! All in all, I was able to build a brand because I was consistent and kept up with all things digital. I had to keep changing as times changed and man, it changes quickly. I also networked my ass off by traveling and not staying behind the keyboard.

Blogs aren’t as useful as they once were. Why do you think that is?
Good question. I think it’s probably because people are just so wrapped up in social media and want to consume content quickly from an app on their phone versus going to a website and actually reading content.

How did you connect with Top Dawg Entertainment? What do you do for them and how it is working with one of the best new day Hip-Hop labels of our time?
I connected with TDE via president Dave Free years ago. He used to be the one sending out the guys content himself, so I would always reply back with a link and one day asked to interview Kendrick via iChat — yes, back then it was still iChat. From there, I just developed more of a relationship with him.

One day, he randomly hit me up saying he needed someone to handle all things digital and the rest is history! I handled all socials and re-launched the website. I was even blessed to work on both Kendrick albums and ScHoolboy Q’s first album handling digital rollout. My name is in the credits, yeeee! As of right now, I work on special projects with them and handle PR when needed. It’s such a big crew and I have love for them all. They really hold me down and I’m just happy I can call all of them friends, not just clients.

Highlight career moment:
I think that to date, my most prized moment is still being asked to work with Kendrick, because mind you, prior too, I was just a huge fan. Still am! To go on a few tour dates with him, handle his digital, go to the Grammys with him on his first nomination, and to have my name on the credits of GKMC — which is one of the greatest albums of our time — it’s just crazy to me.

Another big one was making the move to New York. I choose to leave my comfort zone and somewhat start all over again because everyone knows, NY is not easy. Come March 2017, it’ll be three years for me being here. Although it may seem that I’m all good, I feel like I’ve just made my footprint, and I’m now ready to go to the next level.

Where do you hope to see your self in the next 10 years?
I’m not quite sure. I’ve actually been in that place lately where I’m thinking of what to do next, but I would like to see myself being able to turn my phone off for a day or two [laughs]! Ok but seriously, I’ve been thinking of running an agency that would represent talent and brands.

What’s a rare fact about you or hidden talent you possess?
I can breakdance. I’m good too.

What’s a song and lyric to describe your glow?:
I have no idea. [laughs]

Photographer: Hannah Sider
MUA: Raisa Flowers
Hair: Kessia Randolph
Style Consultant: Jordan Page
Design: Robert Gallardo
Creative Director: SHABAZZ